Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me and a Gift for You!

Me-Ommmmm Me-Ommmmm Efurryone! Caturday July 5th will be my 13th birthday! I know, I know, I don't look a day older than two. That's what a lifetime dedicated to a yoga and meditation practice will do fur you! :-D

Now, I know thousands of you will be out celebrating the eve of my birthday with fireworks galore - thank you, thank you - but I'd also like to give all of you a gift too! Me-Ommmmm!

As a selfless and generous yogicat I am giving away the e-version of my book, Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat! Click here to download from July 4-8th. If you do not have Kindle, you can also download a Kindle App for free here!

For those of you wondering how my intensive extensive yoga retreat has been, well, it's been furrabulous! I will start posting here again, but more in balance with my practice now. On a sad note, my brofur Apollo passed away about a month ago. He now climbs giant beautiful trees by the Rainbow Bridge. Me-Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm