Thursday, November 6, 2014

NaNoWoofMo, No...NaNoMeeeeeMo!

Pawlease excuse the pawful piccie. A furry bad angle!
But do you see the light of my Hara shining?
Me-ommmmm Efurrybuddy! It's November and that means it's National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Me and my brofur Ku pawticipated last year and we are doing so again. Clicky on over to Rocco's House to sign up to write your own chapter in this novel (MOL!) adventure. Any pet bloggers, not just doggies, can pawticipate! 

Previous Chapters:
1) Rocco
2) Brofur Ku
3) Hailey and Zaphod
4) Bongo 

Here is the next chapter in the adventure of a deserted pup…

I yelped again and began to whimper. The burning pain was becoming too intense. The door opened again, but this time a woman came out, saying to the man that she heard a pup crying. She called out: "Here doggie, doggie!" And she was trying to lure me out of the dark with…BACON!

I came right to her, gobbled it down, and gave her big big licks all over her face as a thank you. As she petted me she felt the cut on my back. "What happened poor guy? I'll just have to take you inside to bathe you and wash that wound clean."

No, not a BATH!

Tomorrow's chapter will be by Rocco! Stay tuned….Me-Ommmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Happiest Cat Pose or Super Anandamarjari Asana!

Me-ommmmm Efurrybuddy and devoted yogicats! I can't believe its been two months since I posted about my purrrrrrfection in Advanced Supta Padahastasana! Clicky here to see it fur yourself! Me-Ommmmm

Today I am feeling most blissful, and so I am sharing with you Super Anandamarjari Asana, or the happiest cat pose:

When practicing this pose remember to gently rock from side to side and lift the corners of your mouth towards your ears. :-) My you all be blissful, happy, and joyous! Me-Ommmmm

P.S. If you are looking fur a most pawsome holiday gift fur all the children you know, Mama is giving away the e-version of her holiday fairy tale fur all to view! Clicky here get it!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Me-Ommmmm! My fellow yogicats and devoted followers, I have done it! I have reached divine purrrrrfection with the pose Advanced Supta Padahastasana! Me-Ommmmm...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Mama!

Mama in pink, of course! Me-Ommmmm
Me-Ommmmm, Me-Ommmmmmm! Today is a most pawesome day! It's my Mama's birthday! Mama is a Leo, so even though she looks human, she is a feline at heart! Me-Ommmmm!

To celebrate Mama is doing two give-aways on her bloggy, Through the Peacock's Eyes here. This is what she says:

Today is my birthday! To celebrate, I am doing two give-aways!
Firstly, I am offering to all of you the e-version of my poetry book: Flying From the Heart, A Collection of Poems on Loving and Being, today through the 9th, which can be downloaded from Amazon here. If you do not have Kindle, you can also download a Kindle App for free here!
Secondly, whoever first guesses my age (sorry, astrology friends who know my birth data, you are disqualified) will get a free natal chart reading, Vedic or Western. Just leave a comment on my birthday post at Through the Peacock's Eyes here with your guess. To learn more about my sessions and readings click here.
Happy happy birthday Mama, my own wise guru! Me-Ommmmmmm!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me and a Gift for You!

Me-Ommmmm Me-Ommmmm Efurryone! Caturday July 5th will be my 13th birthday! I know, I know, I don't look a day older than two. That's what a lifetime dedicated to a yoga and meditation practice will do fur you! :-D

Now, I know thousands of you will be out celebrating the eve of my birthday with fireworks galore - thank you, thank you - but I'd also like to give all of you a gift too! Me-Ommmmm!

As a selfless and generous yogicat I am giving away the e-version of my book, Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat! Click here to download from July 4-8th. If you do not have Kindle, you can also download a Kindle App for free here!

For those of you wondering how my intensive extensive yoga retreat has been, well, it's been furrabulous! I will start posting here again, but more in balance with my practice now. On a sad note, my brofur Apollo passed away about a month ago. He now climbs giant beautiful trees by the Rainbow Bridge. Me-Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Going on Retreat

Me-Ommmmm Efurrybuddy! As a great Swami and Yogicat I have committed myself to a life of constant practice and selfless service. Me, Mama, and Brofur Ku have been working furry furry hard to promote my book and Ku's book to raise awareness and money fur animal rescue. 

We thank those who have bought my book and who have tweeted, re-blogged, etc.!!! However, sales are almost nil and we must turn our attention to other ways of spreading the word. We have also told Mama that she could spend more time building her animal healing and her spiritual counseling practices (Astrology and Tarot/Oracle Readings - she is furry furry good!), which she juggles around caring fur the Grandma who has Alzheimer’s.

However, do not worry about Me, for I will of course continue on as the great Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrananda and be on an intensive Yoga Retreat! Me-Ommmmm

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Most Thankful Thursday! Me-Ommmmmm

Me thinking about licking Ku's
ears while he sleep.
Me-Ommmmm Efurrybuddy! Today is a doubly pawesome Thankful Thursday! First of all, I am thankful that my Mama rescued my fluffy brofur Ku of Haiku By Ku. Why? Well, I like to lick his fluffy ears, and because he is an author too, who is working very very hard to raise awareness and funds fur animal rescue!

Today an interview Mama did at Paws To Talk about Ku, his rescue and healing journey went live!
Check out the Podcast Here! It begins at 8:10, and it is pawesome!!! Thank you, thank you Miss Margot at Paws To Talk!

Secondly, Brofur Apollo, the       handsome blue eyes little lion man Romeo Ra-god Apollo, travelled all the way down unda to surprise his most beautiful and divinely pluxurious girlfurriend Dinnermintz at All Fur One and One Fur All with a big big big diamond ring before the Queen of Hearts Valentine's Ball at Madi's. Well, surprised she was and she said…Click here to find out what happened!

I am thankful my brofur Apollo made the long trip safely and that Fozziemum is such a pawesome host fur him! Thank you Fozziemum! Me-Ommmmm

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Most Blissful Review of My Yoga Book!

50% of proceeds go to animal rescue!

Me-Ommmmm Efurrybuddy! I was so pleased today when Mama finally got off the computerinterwebbernetz so I could go visit some of my bloggy furriends, and my soul filled with divine bliss when I discovered that Samantha and Wag 'N Woof Pets wrote a loverly review of my book: Daily Yoga For a Happy and Healthy Cat! Me-Ommmmm

Check Samantha's review Here! She is such a natural yogicat, I have declared her to be Swami Samantha! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Go-Ommmmmmmmm Seahawks!

Me-Ommmmm Efurrybuddy! I have to admit I was too busy purrrfecting an intense Yoga Nidra practice to watch the Super Bowl, but I made sure Mama clicky-fingers secretary kept an eye on the score. I was born and raised in Seattle, so I felt immense bliss and pride when my hometown team won!!!

Go-Ommmmmmmmm Seahawks!!!! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yin-Yang Yoga

Me-Ommmmm Efurrybuddy! Today I'd like to demonstrate a lovely Yoga Asana for the Chinese New Year, called Yin-Yang Yoga. All you need is a yoga partner, preferably a cat of the opposite gender or personality type or color or something opposite.  And then you position yourselves curled up in opposite directions. Here let me demonstrate:

This is close, but brofur Apollo is hogging my space.

Now that he's repositioned, we stretch first to make sure we can get into this very challenging Asana!

Now this is a purrrrfect example of Yin-Yang Yoga!
Hold the pose for an extended period of time, or
until you feel at peace and in harmony with All.

Gung Hay Fat Choi! Me-Ommmmm

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Easy Sunday Award!

Me-Ommmm Efurybuddy! I am so honored to have received another pawesome Bloggy Award. I have received the Share the Love, Share the Box Award from Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny. I love, love, love boxes! Hop on over to Speedy’s to see how cheeky he’s been lately!

Mama and Brofur Ku have received a whole bunch of awards too, so head on over to Mama's Bloggy here to read all about them and check out the nomination list, which includes pet bloggers! 

Now I am going to meditate on the overflowing gratitude in my heart! Me-Ommmmm Shanti Me-Ommmmm!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Me-Ommmmm Efurrybuddy! As many of you know chanting Mantra is an integral part of a yoga practice. Today I'd like to demonstrate an excellent Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) opening pose: Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana:

Here I am doing Cobra Pose with the lower body rotated to squeeze out any extra air from the abdomen. Remember to fully lengthen your neck and chin. Here I am also demonstrating how to use a pillow prop to assist the throat opening. 

Sing and chant away my dear yogicats! Me-Me-Ommmmm!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blog the Change Fur Animals!

Me-Ommmmm Efurrybuddy! Today is Blog the Change day! Here is a pawesome haiku my brofur Ku wrote for this special day:

“You must be the change
You wish to see in the world”
Gandhi was so wise

  • What have you done to Be the Change for Animals?
  • Who do you know who acts tirelessly on the behalf of animals?
  • What favorite cause has a special need right now?
As some of you know, both me and brofur Ku have written books to help raise money fur animal rescue! We both will donate 50% of the proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

Unfortunately I have only sold a couple of books in the past couple of months. Me, and Ku, and Mama are working on more ways to market them, but we would appreciate all of your help to spread the word via social media outlets. Let's all be the change together! Me-Ommmmmm

Fur information on my bookie, Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat, click here.

Fur information on Ku's bookie, Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could: One Rescue Pup's Journey of Healing, click here.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy re-Birthday My Brofur Ku!

Me-Ommmmm Efurryone! I'm so excited to tell efurryone that Saturday the 11th is my little brofur Kuruk's re-Birthday! Yes, you read that right. You see, Ku was born at a puppy mill in Alaska and lived on a 4-foot chain his first couple of years of life. Luckily the puppy mill was shut down and Ku and his whole pack of nearly 160 snow pups went into rescue. That day was 1-11-11!

Before: Brofur Ku not long after the puppy mill when he 
was with his foster Mama. He was scared of efurrything!

After: Brofur Ku now as a happy happy pup!

When Mama brought Ku home, she decided that since no one knew Ku's real birthday that 1-11-11 would be Ku's first re-Birthday! So Ku is going to be 4!!! He's come such a long long way in the past three years. Me and Mama and efurryone are so so proud of my little brofur Ku! We wuvwuvwuv you Ku!

Fur his re-Birthday, Mama got brofur Ku and sisfur Nalle new XL beds! It was a pawesome find! Here, let me show them to you:

This new big big bed is so fluffy and cozy! Purrrrfect 
for some hours-long meditations!

Ku is so nice to let me use his bed fur my yoga too!

Brofur Apollo and sisfur Nalle napping together!

Please visit my brofur fur his re-Birthday on Saturday! I want him to be surprised with lots of extra birthday wishes. He deserves them! Ku's bloggy is: Haiku By Ku, and if you want to know more of his story:

To read the newspaper story about his rescue, click here.
To see a video about his rescue and journey from Alaska to Washington, click here.
If you’d like to support animal rescue and learn more about his rescue and healing journey, you can buy his book. Check out Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could here!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Easy Yoga

Me-Ommmmm Efurryone! For today's Sunday Easy, I'd like to demonstrate Yoga Nidra, which is yoga "sleep." It's really a very deep state of meditation, where you are fully conscious or lucid, but look like you are asleep. It's very easy!

Here I am practicing Yoga Nidra with Brofur Apollo. 
He is to my right, practicing under the covers because 
he felt chilly. Yoga Nidra is often practiced in Shavasana,
but it can be done in any comfortable yoga pose.
Here we are in Parivritta Shavasana
(revolved corpse pose).

Here I am practicing Yoga Nidra with sisfur Nalle.
I am in Sphinx Asana, and Nalle is in Parsvashavasana
(side corpse pose).

Here brofur Apollo is practicing Yoga Nidra in
Shashankasana (pose of the moon or hare pose).

Have a Happy Easy Sunday Efurryone! Me-Ommmmm!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Me-Ommmmm!

Happy Happy New Year Efurryone! It's going to be a pawesome year with lots of new beginnings and a world filled with peace and love! Me-Ommmmm

To mousie-kick off the New Year, I am celebrating with the pawesome Sunshine Award from cute Little Binky over at Angel's Whisper!
Thank you so much! Both Mama and Brofur Ku at Haiku By Ku just received a whole bunch of awards, so head on over to Mama's bloggy Through the Peacock's Eyes to see the big big nomination list, including some pet bloggers! Me-Ommmmm!

May the New Year be full of Bliss for All!