About Me and My Pack

Hello Everyone, and welcome to my blog! I am Shri Swami Sattvapurrrrrananda, but my family calls me Zoe, which means Life, which I am. I am also very beautiful and am referred to also as a lioness princess puppy cat. Yes, you heard that right. I was raised by a Husky, so I believe that I am part snow pup. I currently have two snow pup Alaskan Malamute siblings, Kuruk and Nalle

Sadly in May 2014, My kitty brother Apollo has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.

I am also the esteemed author of Daily Yoga for a Happy and Healthy Cat. It is an essential guide for yoga for the world’s most natural yogi, the yogicat. It is the last and only book you (humans, pups, all sentient beings, and especially felines) will ever need to read to be as enlightened, free, youthful, healthy, happy, and as beautiful as me! Thank you for stopping by. May you all find peace, beauty, and bliss within!

Me-Om, Me-Om, Me-Ommmmm!

If one stretches completely, one relaxes completely. Look at a cat, a master of stretching and a master of relaxation.

B.K.S. Iyengar

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  1. Wow Zoe - so very charmed to meet you! You look quite relaxed in your little photo on the sidebar so I'd say you're very good at being a yogicat!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy