Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Happiest Cat Pose or Super Anandamarjari Asana!

Me-ommmmm Efurrybuddy and devoted yogicats! I can't believe its been two months since I posted about my purrrrrrfection in Advanced Supta Padahastasana! Clicky here to see it fur yourself! Me-Ommmmm

Today I am feeling most blissful, and so I am sharing with you Super Anandamarjari Asana, or the happiest cat pose:

When practicing this pose remember to gently rock from side to side and lift the corners of your mouth towards your ears. :-) My you all be blissful, happy, and joyous! Me-Ommmmm

P.S. If you are looking fur a most pawsome holiday gift fur all the children you know, Mama is giving away the e-version of her holiday fairy tale fur all to view! Clicky here get it!


  1. Welcome back and we have missed you. Now off to try that one out. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. zoe...thiz bee de awesumest pawsomest poze...ever !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    heerz two a grate week oh end with plentee oh perch on yur platez ! ♥

  3. Hey Swami Zoe! Here is your official invite for NaNo(Meow)Mo! :D We loved your posts last year!

  4. Not sure my comment posted, but Sage does enjoy that pose

  5. We do that pose here, Swami Zoe! :)

  6. Making sure you made it home from the Tabby Cat Party yesterday. So happy to see you! Hope you had a fun Halloween. It was very nice spending time with you yesterday.
    What a great pose, you must help me to loosen up my tight muscles.

  7. Allie: ooooh, I simply MUST try this pose! I'll bet it gets me extra belly rubs too!