Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo...A Pet Collaborative Effort!

Taking a moment to contemplate
while writing. 
Me-Ommmm Efurryone! I'm following in my Brofur Ku's paw prints, and pawticipating in Rocco's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) collaborative pet writing effort. This writing club meets over at Rocco's House.

This is a story about a doggy named Petey, and his adventures as he tries to find his lost owner! Owners are always wandering off! =^..^= MOL!

I am the first kitty to contribute, so I will do my best to channel the mind of a doggy. Me-Ommmmm! If you are interested in pawticipating, there are still spots open! Here are the previous chapters and pawesome authors:

Critter Alley - Day 10
(brief pause between installments)
Bark and Lounge - Day 12 

Chapter 14:

Beast and I arrive at Hissie's house out of breath from the extended sprint. We bark. And bark. Eat the cat food left outside. And bark. And bark... Finally Hissie's owner opens the door.

"Beast, what are you doing here? Where is your Mom? And who is this? You know you shouldn't be out wandering around in the middle of the night in the snow and dragging other doggies along with your shenanigans!" She yells.

She would have gone on and on and on... if Beast hadn't dropped the drool-soaked piece of paper out of his mouth. The lady tries to read it:

H~~~~ man~~~~HEL~~~~

Beast's drool had smeared most of the ink, so the lady thought a man was somehow attacking Beast's Mom. She runs inside to call the police, and then, holding onto our collars, runs over to Beast's house. We wiggled, and barked, and whimpered trying to tell her we were going to the wrong place, but, alas, she only understands cat talk, not dog talk.

At the exact moment we meet the police at Beast's front door
the sky lets out a thunderous roar and lighting flashes strike the ground. Oh dear, I do not like thunder! I peed right there on the lady's foot. Beast doesn't like the thunder either, and we both break free of her grip. We kept barking and running around the officers trying to get them to follow us towards the ravine. Will they listen?

Tomorrow's chapter will be by: Tenacious Little Terrier. Me-Ommmmm!


  1. aiieee! Zoe! you are so brave to try to contribute to the woofies....and I am sure, in fact pawsitive...your contribution will make this even better...

  2. Peeing on the lady's foot? That's one pee Carl hasn't tried!

  3. We don't like thunder either! But we've never peed because of it. ;)

    What a fun project to be pawticipating in!! :)

  4. Bravo Zoe you really are finding your inner woofie for the writing :) well done hugs Fozziemum xxx

  5. Thunder ...yikes and a pee. Great addition to the story.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. We certainly hope those silly people listen and soon. Gasp ravines get full of water in thunderstorms. We think you did a great job channeling your inner dog. ~Fenris & Tuiren

  7. we iz lovin de storee zoe...who getz ta post de next chapterz ???

    1. Oh dear, I forgot to add that in. Just looked: Tenacious Little Terrier. I do not know him/her and there's no link at Rocco's House, so click Rocco's link above tomorrow to read the next chapter. Me-Ommmmmm

  8. Found it:

  9. WOW! That was darn good! I am gonna have to read the rest!

  10. Oh my ~~ LISTEN ~~ humans don't listen do they?!!

    An awful lot of peeing going on in this novel. No wonder it's so scary!

    Sophie Doodle here!

  11. :-) I think Mommy enjoyed this as much as I have.

  12. Well, now, this is a fine story. I think I will make the Human go back and read me the rest of the chapters. Not till after I wake up from my nap, of course.

  13. What a FUN project to be pawticipating in , Swami Zoe !

  14. What a great chapter, Zoe! We are looking forward to seeing how the other participants continue... :)

  15. you really gave the lady a footbath? hahaha wonderful part, I love this story!

  16. I do that pee thing when there's thunder too.

  17. The story was on quite the cliff hanger my furs are standing on end I should start from the beginning to see the search for the owner.

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