Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guest Post by Brother Apollo!

Brother Apollo has ask to take over my blog and brother Ku's blog to make a very important announcement! Me-Ommmmm...

Me handsum bwooo eyes!
Hewwoooo evwybuddy. Dis is Zoweee’s widdow bwuder Apowwo. I’m not going to tawk about dis or dat. But I am vewy happy to announce dat I hav a girwowfurrwend! Her name is Dinnerminz and she is vewy pwitty! Ku an Mama saw her dating pwofile Lookinz Fur Love, and dey tot we wood be a good match! We do have evwyting in common.

My boootifowl and sweet Dinnerminz!
I hav had many hooman girwowfwends. Dey all swoon over my handsum bwoo eyes! But boootiful Dinnerminz is my first kitty girwowfurrwend! I am so happy! Meow, meow! We bowf enjoy sunbading and watching birdies. How cooowow is dat! Evendoo dis is a wong distins wewashunship I tink we can make it work. Dinnerminz is an independent girwow and I am a Mama’s boy so it shoowd work vewy well. Meow, meow!


  1. That is so wonderful and you two are just purrfect!

  2. Dinnerminz is Gorgeous! You two will make a stunning couple.

  3. Dinnerminiz really is a pawsome looking lady !
    You two will be a purrfect match !

  4. Sounds like a perfect match to us. Glad you two found each other.

  5. That sounds like a great match.

  6. Looks like a love match!

    cats of wildcat woods

  7. Wow! She's a stunner! We're so happy you have found someone so special! We can't wait to hear more.
    Harry, Dexter, Willow and Tipp

  8. OMD just the purrfect couple. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. veree best oh fishes two ewe N dinnermintz...conga ratz on yur marriage :) heerez ta a bazillion yeerz oh happiness N hay, hope everee one haza awesum week oh end, eat plentee oh ham samiches !!!

  10. We think you will be purrfect together and we wish you luck.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Apollo, someone said your predecessor, the Greek one, was a god of love and prophesy. That is certainly a sweet enough hope for you two.
    We love love. *sigh*
    QUINN and Carol