Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guest Post by Brother Apollo, The Little Lion Man

Me wooking fowlown wifout
my Dinnermintz.
Hewwooo efurrybuddy! Dis iz Apowwo, Zoweee's widdow bruder. I am vewy handsum bwooo eyes and I have a wion's mane so dat makes me a widdow wion man.  Zoweee iz so kind to wet me bwog today becuz I want to wite about my boootifow wuv, Miss Dinnermintz. Wee just started dis wunderfow wewayshunship, but she iz da wuv of my wife!

My sweet Dinnermintz caws me her Womeo, so I wood wikes to 
send her sum poetwee inspywerd by Wiwyum Shakespeer:

I wood sing yooo sonnets fwum bewow
youw bawconee my Dinnermintz.
Did my heart wuv tilw now? 
Forswear it, site! 
For I ne'er saw twoo boooty 
tilw wast Turrzday.

Shall I compaw dee to a summaw's day? 
Thou art mow wuvwee and mow tempawit: 
Wuff winds do shake the dawling buds of May, 
And summaw's wease hath alw too showt a date: 
Sometime too hot da eye of heaven shines, 
And often is his gowd compwekshun dimm'd; 
And every faiw from faiw sometime declines, 
By chance or natchuwe's changing course untwimm'd; 
But dy etawnal summaw shalw not fade 
No wose possesshun of that faiw dou owest; 
No shalw Death bwag dou wander'st in his shade, 
When in etawnal lines to time dou growest: 
So wong as kittees can breathe or catseyes can see, 
So wong lives dis, and dis gives life to dee Dinnermintz

Me sunbading in da gawden dweeming
of my sweet Dinnermintz. See da aviary
in da back furr endwess birdies
My Dinnermintz eyes are noting wikes da grass; 
The medow is far wess emerwold than her stunning stare; 
If snow be white, why den her tootsies are purwew; 
If hairs be wires, da softest furr gwows on her body. 
I have seen woses damask’d, oweng and white, 
But mow bootifow woses see I in her cheeks; 
And in alw pawfumes is dere wess dewite 
Den in the sweet bweath of Dinnermintz. 
I'd wuv to hear her speak, yet well I know 
Dat her meow wilw be a much pweezing sound; 
I grant I never saw a goddess go; 
Untiw I saw my mistress in her gawden gwound: 
   And yet, by heaven, I tink my wuv mow gwand
   As any to be fownd acwoss da wand. 

Me giving sexee wion wook furr my Dinnermintz!

Good nite, good nite! Pawting is such sweet sowwow, 

Dat I shall say good nite till it be mowwow. Meow, Meow


  1. You are such a sweet talker and it is no wonder she is sweet on you!

  2. The ladies here are SWOONING over such "wuvelwy poetwy"!

  3. OH my womeo Apollo..what wordz of lovez and beauty from the soulz and heartz of such a pwince az my heartz iz full of colorz of joy and I must awayz to compose fur you a poemz that will sing to you the lovez I feel for my sweet manz...I am not so good at poetriez but fur you sweet Apollo I will do my bery best..i hear you callz me from my balconies an I await on the wind the sweet meow of my womeo..wiff lovez and head butterz pawting indeedz iz such sweet loverly admiring girl-furriendz Dinnermintz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Oh my Dinnerminz, I send yooo sweet moews and poetweee to twavel furrever on da wind to yooo! I await you wuverwee Poetweee. Anyting fwum my booooty will be boootifow! You sexy Womeo wion man, Apowwo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo!!!

    2. Thanks for visiting my blog! God that cat is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I had a cat that looked like him but my cat was a Ragdoll I think yours is too!! Please keep him indoors!!!! If he is a Ragdoll he can't fight back! Because they are SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! Plus I know that Cats need to be inside at all times!!!! Ps love your blog!:-)

    3. Thanks for your concern Ragdoll Mommy! Apollo is seven and a half and is half Norwegian Forest Cat (they love climbing trees, rain, outdoors). He has spent his whole life being able to go in and out ( and sometimes in and out and in and out :-) ) and he even used to keep watch over the chickens. He doesn't leave the yard where we live now, and it is safe. I've probably had at least a few dozen cats as well as other animals, so no need to worry. Animals are one of my things and I would not allow them to be put into any danger.
      Apollo says: tank yoooo Miss Wagdoll Mama. I am boootiful and a widdow wion man! I be safe, dont worwy. Meow, meow.

    4. Oh,well that's good!:-) I'm glad he isn't a Ragdoll and being outside cause I had a Ragdoll and he spent his WHOLE life outside but when he got old something bite him and he ended up passing away!:-( I'm sorry to tell you this but it's true.So when he gets old please PLEASE keep him indoors!!!!:-)

  4. Mowzers dood! We meezer brothers over here kinda wonder if you're feeling okay? *holds par up to Apollo's forehead* We, uh kinda think gurlz have COOTIES!
    - sincerely,
    Maxwell (blue point) and Faraday (platinum mink)

    1. I am compweetwee helfy tank yooo, and my Dinnermintz is worf being a Womeo! Shee does not hav cooties!

  5. What a beautiful poem, Apollo.

    The Paw Relations

  6. Well Apollo, you are indeed a smitten kitten :)
    Pawsome poetry too !
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  7. Awwwwww!! Beautiful blue eyed and talented Apollo!! You are a true romantic! Miss Dinnermintz is one lucky kitty!! LOL!! Take care

  8. Pawsome poem Apollo you little lion man. We say you are mantastic. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. How very romantic Apollo,No wonder she loves you!xx Speedy

  10. dood...want we shuld cater de wedding when ya haz it !!! :)

    1. I'd say yes, but I shood check wif my waydee Dinnermintz fowst. I'm shere she wood wikes dat too espeshally wif so much fishies! Tank you tabbies o trout towne. Apowwo

  11. Oh sweet Apollo..
    Eternityz waz in our wips our eyes
    Bliss in our bwows bent,none our parts so poor
    But waz a race of heaven....

    Apollo you iz my Anfernee and i iz your cleocatarar

    On dayz i lay wiff heartz and mind soley searchingz for you
    I hear your purrz in every tree..
    Your soft furz i feel in the kiss of the windz
    I embwace the earf and feelz your strength
    I am your wuv
    Your eyez of bwoo i see in the skyz
    Apollo my you hearz my purrz..i purrz fur you
    Do you feel my furz in the kiss of the windz..
    Oh how distanz iz my nemesiz my stone that weighz my heartz down
    I must away now to sweep perchanz to dweam of you...
    My wuv my womeo my anfernee my man of mystery..
    We shall talk soon..until such timez know this my wuv..
    I am your Dinnermintz....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Pee Ess i really don't have Cooties..mummy said so xxxx

    1. Oh wuvweee Dinnermintz! Such boooty oooziz fwom yooor whiskaw tingwing poetreee. Oh how I wong to tickow yoo wif my purrrz and kissy yooor golden cheeks and soft nosie. But alas my magicow Cleocatarar I must soon away to sweep perchanz to dweem of yooo, or perchanz to astrow pwoject!! Den I be by yoor side to make yoor footsies wiggow in pawsom. :-)
      p.s. I did not tink yooo had cooties. Mama's and mummies say the siwwiest tings sumtimes!

    2. Oh Apollo..i knewz you not finked i ahd a waz bery gallantries in defendingz my honourz wiff your furriendz..dey nose not twoo lovez and thiz i feelz so sadz fur...if onawee dey could findz a sweetness fur themselvez..they wood nose what wuv iz capabells of...pwease if you astwal fwies too it on wingz of welvet so az to keep your sweet selfz in comfortz and pluxuryz..i awaitz your widdle whiskerz kissez and dweam of my womeo....we purrz togefer and lie in the sunz......goodnightzmy wuverwee..Dinnermintz..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx